Prizes, surprises, indefinable dread…

“The whole atmosphere oozes with this cool American backwater weirdness…”
– Newcastle Live

Known as a premier venue for live music, great food and a big bar, Mayfield’s Stag & Hunter Hotel transforms every Tuesday into a darkened, haunted, courtroom saloon when ‘The Jailer’ appears to collect the toll (a gold coin donation to charity) before signalling the arrival of his older brother and host of Stagwiz, ‘The Judge’.

“More than just a traditional trivia, it is theatrical and dark with a quick witted humour that is a real treat for those of us not interested in sports. 10/10 would recommend.”
– Kian West, Newcastle Mirage

Stagwiz is like no other trivia night in town. It’s a cult, and the ‘brothers and sisters’ who attend each week can vouch for that. Drowned in gothic Americana, monstrous (often hilarious) subliminal visuals & sounds, and flanked by a carnival clown (dubbed Ian) and a stuffed Stag head – you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a travelling sideshow. But Stagwiz is going nowhere, and with the Stag’s formidable PA system and projector screen, this show is right at home.

“Literally the best trivia I have ever been to!”
– Maree Lowes, Sawtooth Studios

Music, movies, TV, video games, the length & breadth of pop culture… it’s all on the slab at the Stag each Tuesday. Prizes include food & beverage vouchers, inexplicable fruit trays, and the spoils of the coin-flipping Showstopper round – where prizes can vary from booze to Chuck Norris VHS tapes. You might even catch The Judge in a singing mood…

Stagwiz keeps a special place in its heart for local charities. Team registration is a minimum gold coin per person, which gets you an answers booklet and one ticket each in our monthly $200 jackpot draw (drawn at the end of the month). All rego monies are totalled each month and donated to a charity selected by the last winner of the jackpot, so you’ll be busting your brains for a good cause!

“Pub trivia is dead.”
– You, afterwards

This is not for the competitive, but it is for the geeks, the weirdos, and the mad.

So round up a few friendly souls, join the congregation, and become part of the Stagwiz family.